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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 25, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> welcome back to the show and it's time to talk college football and how about the terps trying to rebound and that is -- as they hosted florida international. the freshman quarterback getting his first career start and out with an injured shoulder. down 7-0 in the first and going to go up and on the corner of the end zone and take another look at that and tied at 7. next drive and fiu forced to punt and that is good news for logan, number 85 and what do you think he's going to do? and going to the house and that is since new year's day 2004. and on to three to go in the half and knowing what he does
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and gets outside and breaks a tackle and the move. he's gone. maryland up 21-14 at the break and tied at 21 and going deep for something and this kid has some jets, 68 yards for the score and catches 149 and this touchdown and o'brien throws for 250 and two scores and the terps win 42-28. and in chestnut hills and go the first to go for tech. tech is up 7-0 and in that first half. get out of bounds or something. stays inbound and no points on the board and hokies lead 7-0 and step up and back, 59 yards
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and the nice move here and he won't get in, 15 and 21, 237 in the air and the hokies shut out the eagles 13-0. and virginia hosting vmi and that is look having two bis in a row and uvas horn 87 yards for the score. the first kickoff since 2004 and second quarter, all uva and going to fake the handoff and bird is the word. gets in and the hokies, up 21-7 and sorry all you uga alums and next drive and in, man, and he's in and and virginia rolls. when we come back, look who is back for the washington
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nationals. niger morgan. yeah, trust me. he's back. how did he do? how did the nats do? next.  hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way!
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>> welcome back, one and all. welcome back, niger morgan. returns after serving an 8-game suspension and looks to be a good game for the center fielder to return and interring
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today, he was 14 for 25, and batting .560 against derek lowe. could he continue that? and led off the game for the nats and trys to stretch this to a double and wins. that was the good news and the nats with 15 base runners today and to that the left. comes up to score and from maya in the sixth and alex gonzalez, agon, do you have to say that? and up 5-0. did it feel good to be back in the swing of things? >> and that is -- to get the boys going there and get off the back and, you know, we have to work as a team and try to
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finish it off strong. and taking to janson, and winning 22nd of the year and os up 4-3 and billion of 11. mark henderson is tall and his pitches are fat and crushed by lyle overbay and out of the park. a walkoff home run and wins five-4. and how about soccer? d.c. united, the 29th minute and nice moves. and right there and the fifth of the year and united up 1-0 and cameron, heads it past perkins and up 2-1, winning 3- 1. off the wall next, wisdom martin and talking about die angelo hall and the controversial comments. and we're talking about the "american idol" judges and picking our own. >> can't wait to hear the rest. coming uxt
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>> welcome to off the wall. and we have a big show. >> all right. >> and we know about 9 controversial comments against deangelo hall. >> right. >> and they gave up a
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touchdown. >> right. >> and he came out and said i want to cover the number one receiver and if i have to go manyon man, so be it and this is my team and my defense. do you have a problem with that? >> and you know what? >> that is deangelo hall calling y. >> yup. >> and i say i have no problem. >> no problem? >> okay. >> and sent me a text message. >> and nice to check in. >> and he should be the best player on the team. >> okay. >> and fair enough. >> i like the bravado and swagger and we were talking about that. >> yeah. >> and we have a lot of swagger. i tonight have a problem with that in a nutshell if they win. if they lose, that is what can be a locker room cancer and that is the comments in week too and fair enough.
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"american idol." >> they picked their judges. >> right. >> and what i want to know is if you had the point of view jeer. the point of view jeer. to pick three judges and a moderator, who do you pick? >> i am going with jamie foxx. >> the judges? >> and -- >> patti labelle? >> and mick jagger. >> and i'm going to give you mine. >> okay. >> prince. >> i love prince. >> he can wear what you're wearing. >> that's right. >> and i don't know if his name would be know where or a symbol. >> purple is royalty. i like madonna. >> not bad. >> and chad ochoasinko. -- ochocinco. >> okay, chad ochoacinco. >> you don't like that? >> no. >> she won't stop talking and make yanker is mick jagger. >> pretty close and -- mick jagger. >> and who would moderate all
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of the talent does -- >> i'm going with leah -- lisa ray. >> okay. >> and i am going to be close. i am going with by own -- beyonce. >> beyonce moderate and i will watch every week. >> you're right? that is not bad. >> sending you lisa ray and coming to my show with beyonce. >> and lisa ray is it. >> go to and tell us who you would pick and we'll see you next week. >> and you're out. >> switch to tie and beyonce, i win and my thanks to heather schwartz and chip and lindsay murphy, we'll see you all tomorrow morning. have a great evening.


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